The largest solar project in the Caribbean

Monte Plata, Dominican Republic

69 MW

The Monte Plata Solar project, with the 270,000 panels we are currently installing in the Dominican Republic, is not only the largest solar project to date in the country, it is also the largest in the Caribbean region with a capacity 69MW. Once completed it will produce 51.000.000kWh per year, which represents annual savings in contamination of 70,000 tons of CO2, improving the sustainability of its electric grid and its economy as a whole.

With this project of paramount importance for the Dominican Republic, the country will triple the number of existing solar panels in the country as a first step, and will increase fivefold the current photovoltaic power in the country once the overall project has been completed. The energy produced with the Monte Plata solar project will be able to provide clean energy to more than 50,000 households in the island. Furthermore, it represents the largest investment of Taiwan in the history of Dominican Republic.

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